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"Thoughts on Simple Singing: Towards a More Adequate Vocal Terminology"
in: The Modern Singing Master: Essays in Honor of Cornelius L. Reid
Ariel Bybee and James E. Ford, Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2002


Festschrift for Cornelius L. Reid's 90th birthday

Now available in paperback! Cornelius Reid may be the Galileo of vocal pedagogy. Claiming to have rediscovered the science and the craft of the Bel Canto maestros, this modern singing master researches as he teaches, and he invites voice students, voice teachers, and voice scientists to share his discoveries.

The Modern Singing Master is a compilation of essays written by renowned singing teachers as their testament to their great singing instructor, who enabled them to really understand how to sing and how to teach singing to their students. Reid is honored as the "philosopher of singing". The essays explain the four basic principles with which he works: the two-register theory, the necessity for pure vowels, the use of rhythm to encourage the muscles to react spontaneously, and the choice of dynamic (loud or soft). His research and interpretations have given birth to a new era of voice and pedagogy known as "Functional Voice Training".

This work concludes with a marvellous article written by Cornelius Reid himself on the fascinating musical journey he has taken over the past sixty years. Recommended for beginning and experienced singers, singing teachers, and all fans of Cornelius L. Reid.

Cloth edition originally published in 2002 under ISBN 0-8108-4241-6.

Table of Contents for "
The Modern Singing Master"

Part 1: The Two-Register Theory Controversy
Part 2: The Two-Register Theory in Practice
Part 3: Contexts and Affinities
Part 4: Reid in Germany
Part 5: Scholarly and Pedagogical Autobiography

Reviews for "
The Modern Singing Master"

"The creator of "Functional Voice Training," modern singing master Cornelius L. Reid claims to have rediscovered the science and craft of the Bel Canto maestros. This volume contains contributions from singing teachers trained by him (as well as one from Reid himself) discussing his vocal pedagogy. Sample topics include vocal repair, scientific support for the two-register theory, and the influence of Reid's ideas on voice teaching in Germany."
            Reference & Research Book News

 "Well written and well organized, The Modern Singing Master is an overview of Reid's philosophy, both in his own words, and in the words of others. The volume is an important contribution to the ongoing dialogue about differing pedagogical theories."
            NATS Journal of Singing

 "This book is a wonderful read, no pun intended full of challenging propositions and affirmations for our own knowledge and practice. Above all, this publication is a mountain-top achievement for a man whose life's journey has been one of constant discovery. Thank you to the initiators of the project that brought this book to fruition."
            Australian Voice

 "It will be compulsive, and perhaps should be compulsory, reading for teachers of singing."
            The Singer

 "A stimulating mélange of articles...There is much good common sense to be found here"
            Music Teacher

 "This volume is a compilation of essays written by singing teachers as their testament to Cornelius Reid, a great singing instructor who enabled them to really understand how to sing and how to teach singing to their students. In this book, Reid is honoured as the "Philosopher of singing", a teacher whose research and interpretations have given birth to a new era of voice and pedagogy known as Functional Voice Training. The work concludes with an article written by Cornelius Reid himself, detailing the musical journey he has taken over 60 years."

Edmund Brownless schreibt gerne für Wikipedia. Sein Interessensgebiet für Wikipedia ist Musik in Frankfurt am Main, insbesondere Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium.

Seite die ich angefangen habe:

    ▪     Adolf Rebner
    ▪     Bernhard Scholz
    ▪     Carl Heymann
    ▪     Cornelius L. Reid
    ▪     Francesco Lamperti
    ▪     Frankfurt Group
    ▪     Giovanni Battista Lamperti
    ▪     Giovanni Battista Mancini
    ▪     Hermine Bosetti
    ▪     Hugo Heermann
    ▪     Joseph Hoch
    ▪     Liste von Pre-College Ausbildungsinstituten
    ▪     Margarete Dessoff
    ▪     Prof. Dr. Peter Cahn

Seite die ich bearbeitet habe und die ich interessant finde:

    ▪     Dr. Hoch’s Konservatorium
    ▪     Geschichte des Jazz
    ▪     Hermann Zilcher
    ▪     Jazz in Deutschland
    ▪     John Lemprière (mein Ururururgroßvater)
    ▪     Lunenburg (Nova Scotia) (meine Heimatstadt)
    ▪     Mátyás Seiber
    ▪     Simon Birch (mein Vater war der Glockenspieler in diesem Film)

Edmund Brownless writes and contributes to articles in Wikipedia. His main area of interest for Wikipedia is music in Frankfurt am Main, especially the Hoch Conservatory.

Pages which I started:

    ▪     Adolf Rebner
    ▪     Anton Urspruch
    ▪     Bernhard Scholz
    ▪     Carl Heymann
    ▪     Claus Kühnl
    ▪     Cornelius L. Reid
    ▪     Domenico Corri
    ▪     Emanuel Wirth
    ▪     Frankfurt Group
    ▪     Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts
    ▪     Giovanni Battista Lamperti
    ▪     Giovanni Battista Mancini
    ▪     Hermine Bosetti
    ▪     Hoch Conservatory
    ▪     Hugo Heermann
    ▪     Joseph Hoch
    ▪     Margarete Dessoff
    ▪     Melville Cook
    ▪     Richard Hey Lloyd
    ▪     Timeline of jazz education
    ▪     Wang Ying

Pages which I've contributed to and which I find interesting:

    ▪     Antonio Bernacchi
    ▪     German jazz
    ▪     John Lemprière (my Gt. Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandfather)
    ▪     Lemprière's Bibliotheca Classica
    ▪     Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (my hometown)
    ▪     Mátyás Seiber
    ▪     Simon Birch (my father was the bellringer in this film)

Les livres rares de McGill
in: Le Tic-Toc-Choc
Journal de Musique Ancienne
Juin 1982, Vol. 3 No. 4

Le bibliothèque de musique de l'Université McGill à Montréal contient une collection de quelque cinq cents livres qui s'appele "les livres rares". La plus grande partie de cette collection date du XIXe siècle, mais l'amateur de musique ancienne y trouve plusieurs choses d'un grand intérêt.

En général, la collection a de la valeur pour l'historien de musique à Montréal. Elle regroupe en outre des chansons et pièces pour le piano qui sont mélancolique et pas très savantes. Mais elle sont le reflet de la vie musicale montréalaise de siècle dernier.

As part of the requirements for the Master of Music degree at McGill University, Edmund Brownless researched all the ca. 500 books and scores in this collection and presented the following thesis:

The Rare Book Collection in the Marvin Duchow Memorial Library, McGill University: An annotated Guide.
McGill University, Montréal, 1984

The Guide dates many of the books where necessary and seeks to show the value and use of each book. Many of the scores provide a unique opportunity to study the musical life of Montréal in the 19th century.

The collection includes first editions of 59 Schubert Songs (Diabelli, 1830-35), violin solos and sonatas by Corelli, Handel and Geminiani, all published between 1730-1740. There are also scores by Purcell, Boyce as well as books by Pietro Metastasio, Charles Avison, Jacob Augustus Otto, Bernard de la Monnoye, John Brown and John Playford.